85 Children Follow Mass Circumcision

BATANG - A total of 85 children participated in the mass circumcision that was held in commemoration of PT Primatexco Indonesia's 47th Anniversary, Sunday (8/7).

The event was one of the corporate social responsibility (CSR) activities of PT Primatexco Indonesia. This activity involved six general practitioners and surgeons, as well as eight nurses. "Mass circumcision is an annual agenda of PT Primatexco Indonesia. This year it has been held 18 times. The program was held to commemorate the 47th anniversary, as a social concern and to establish a friendly relationship with the company environment," said the Director of PT Primatexco Indonesia Faidurrahman, accompanied by the organizer of activities Slamet Rejeki and committee chairman Deny Firdous.

Before the circumcision, children are gathered in the multipurpose room of Albarokah Mosque. Furthermore, along with the directors and committee read the circumcision prayer. Then the participants were paraded to the PT Primatexco Indonesia showroom accompanied by a tambourine group while performing their prayers.

In addition to mass circumcision, also carried out istighosah with residents of the surrounding environment and taklim assemblies in the company. The event was filled with tausiah by KH Rosikhin from Pekalongan City and a prayer by Habib Abdullah Baghir bin Ahmad Al Athos.

"Thank God the Istighosah event at Al Barokah Mosque, PT Primatexco Indonesia, was attended by hundreds of people. They are the management of six mosques and 54 prayer rooms in the scattered neighborhoods of Sambong and Tegalsari villages and their employees, "added Deny Firdous. One of the parents of the circumcised child, Isro thanked the mass circumcision. "Thank you to PT Primatexco Indonesia for helping with our son's circumcision. Hopefully the relationship with the community will continue to be improved. " he said. (ar-58)

Source: https://www.suaramerdeka.com/smcetak/baca/101803/85-anak-follow- circumcision-massal