Healthy Employees, Holds Fun Bike

START- PT Primatexco Indonesia's Fun Bike participants are getting ready in the company yard, waiting for cue, a sign of the start of happy bicycle activity last Sunday.


BATANG - Primatexco Bike Club (FBC) PT Primatexco Indonesia made an interesting breakthrough to help nourish the company's employees. A bike event that was held last Sunday successfully drew at least 500 employees of a textile company located in Sambong Village, Batang.

PT Primatexco Indonesia's Chief of Human Capital, Rizki Nuansa Hadyan Psi, said that the fun bike activity was held in the momentum of PT Primatexco Indonesia's 41st birthday. The activity was also the first time to be held. "The spirit is simple, namely to build a friendly and liquid atmosphere among fellow employees. If the daily work routine might make employees bored, hopefully the fun bike can also be a bit of an entertainer, "he said.
In addition, according to Rizki, the physical activity is healthy. This atmosphere of togetherness plus health is expected to be able to contribute positively to the company. "With implicit togetherness we want to build a common vision and mission of the company. And this capital is expected to be a precondition for healthy management of the company, "he explained.
The event, titled Fun Bike of PT Primatexco Indonesia 2012, itself took the start in the company court, Jalan Urip Sumoharjo, Sambong, Batang. About 500 participants who are employees and their families move around the company complex, including passing the Kecepak, Pakisaji, Bulu and Randukuning hamlets with finishing back at PT Primatexco Indonesia. "Alhamdulillah, the participants seemed to enjoy this activity. Cycling together seems to take off after six days of work, "he added.

After cycling, the participants had the chance to unwind by enjoying the music performance held by the committee. Some employees even came forward to the stage, dancing together accompanied by the melodious voice of two singers. "This activity is a prefix. Do not rule out the possibility in the years to come, the company will hold a larger event and involve wider environmental residents, "he concluded. (Sweet Mother)