Commission E Gives Appreciation to PT Primatexco Batang

BATANG - Commission E DPRD Central Java again gave appreciation to the company's board of directors who pay attention to the welfare of employees both from wages and health benefits. This was conveyed by a member of Commission E, Sumarsono when together with other DPRD members to PT Primatexco Indonesia, Batang, Tuesday (05/28/2019).

"Providing additional employee incentives is also considered to be able to boost morale in order to produce better products. Providing health service facilities other than BPJS, there are also guarantees of workplace accidents and death guarantees which are very useful not only for employees but their families, "said Soni, his nickname.

Another member of Commission E, Jamaludin also reminded the board of directors in providing CSR facilities as a form of concern for the surrounding community. "One of the company's responsibilities is in the form of helping with infrastructure development and social activities," the PKS politician added.

Responding to the hopes of the Board, General Manager of PT Primatexco Indonesia, Slamet Rezeki explained, in short for the provision of THR and wage incentives have followed government regulations and company policies. While health care assistance is a form of corporate responsibility to employees. For CSR assistance provided is collaboration with the Batang District Government in its equal distribution.

"The granting of THR is in accordance with regulations issued by the government. While incentives such as year-end bonuses, cash distribution of 1x salary in the middle of the year forms an increase in employee welfare coupled with health services such as BPJS. The CSR program is managed jointly with the district government so that the implementation goes smoothly, "he said.

For information, PT Primatexco Indonesia is engaged in manufacturing garments from raw materials to fabric sheets. The export shipping market to East Asia and Europe. (Tyo / priyanto)