Primatexco Batang Security Guard Tasyakuran Commemorates Bhayangkara Anniversary

JURNALSECURITY | Batang - In commemoration of the 73rd anniversary of the Bhayangkara Sat ranks, the Central Java Regional Police Headquarters of the Sat Binmas Police Unit held a lecture with the security guards and employees within PT Primatexco Batang.

In order to follow up the direction of the leadership in each unit, in this case the Batang District Police Binmas unit held a socialization program in the company environment in the Batang District area. Monday (07/08/2019).

Present at the event were the Kasat Binmas Polres AKP Akhmad Almunasifi, SH, Bintibmas Unit Iptu Siswanto, Member of the Batang Polres Satbinmas, the Head of the Security Guard of PT. Primatexco.

Remarks by Kasat Binmas of AKP Batang Police Resort Akhmad Almunasifi, S.H said, Thank you to the Head of Security at PT. Primatexco who has participated in the 73rd Bhayangkara Anniversary.

He also said, We especially members of the Batang Police Resort asked to be prayed for better future in carrying out the duties of the Police in the Batang Police jurisdiction. We hope that the security guards and especially the security guards and employees of PT. Primatexco helped the Police task to create a safe and conducive situation in the territory of PT. Primatexco.

"Hopefully there will be a synergy between the members of the Security Guard and members of the Central Java Police Resort at the Central Java Regional Police," said AKP Binmas Kasmas Bin Laden Akhmad Almunasifi as reported by

Message from the Head of Security Primatexco Batang said, Thank you and Happy Birthday to the National Police who had just 73 years anniversary. We hope that the National Police will be better and more successful in the future and that something that is already good will be improved for the better.

"Congratulations on the 73rd anniversary of Bhayangkara, hopefully the Police will be more Jaya and closer to the community," he explained.

"The establishment of a synergistic relationship between the Security Guard and members of the Batang Police Resort Satbinmas is due to the good communication beforehand," said Chief of Security, PT Primatexco. [fr]