60 Primatexco Production Percentage Expor

A spokesman for PT Primatexco Batang, Amir Hamzah in Batang, said on Monday that PT Primatexco had been export oriented and the domestic market.

"However, due to the global economic recession, industrial sector products have an effect on demand for Mori cloth. At present, Europe and the United States are experiencing a recession so that demand for fabrics is also reduced," he said.

He said with the sluggish global economy, PT Primatexco Batang was not too pushy to export fabric products to Europe and the United States.

"At present, we are also starting to target local markets, Solo, Yogyakarta, Jakarta, Bandung and Bali," he said.
According to him, a Japanese company that has stood for decades in Batang Regency employs 1,550 employees who are able to produce Mori cloth as much as three million yards per month.

"The production of prime and prime types of Mori cloth is exported to foreign markets by around 60 percent and 40 percent to meet the needs of the domestic market," he said.

He said that before the Lebaran 2012 it is estimated that the demand for Mori cloth will increase due to the increase in the number of clothing needs.

"For the price of Mori fabrics, we only follow the conditions of market share by trying to maintain the quality of the product," he said.

Pewarta: Kutnadi
Editor: hernawan