Our Products

We provide high-quality products for the clients


With 77.112 Spindles we are able to produce 40.000 bale/year. Most of our yarns productions are used internally in weaving.
Greige Fabrics

Greige Fabrics

Since its establishment, PT. Primatexco Indonesia was design to produce 100% cotton fabric in greige.
White (PFD & PFP)

White (PFD & PFP)

We also produces white cloth or PFD and PFP. We produce only the maximum width of 50 inches.

Why We Are The Trusted Textile Company

  • Since 1971

    PT. Primatexco Indonesia established a textile company since 1971 in cooperation with a number of foreign investors
  • Products Market

    About 70% of our productions are absorbed by international market (Europe and Asia)
  • Quality Guaranty

    As an international oriented company, quality guaranty on our product is a must
  • Delivery Times

    Once we confirm a delivery time we will move all our efforts to deliver on time
  • After Sales

    We are open to listen to all issues arisen before, during and after the sales
  • Competitive Price

    We give the best price products for our clients. Negotiable is very welcome

Company Award

We are a fully accredited textile company by The Joint Commission, with an international brand certified.
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 Sertifikat Laik Operasi
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